Version History

Version 11.6 (20-September-2018)

New features:
- Added sorting feature to Audio CD compilation.
- Bulgarian translation.

- Updated installer and translations.
- Improved disc erasing process.
- Improved drag and drop support.
- Improved file extraction process (Data Recovery).
- Minor user interface improvements.
- Resolved problem with memory leaks in audio and dvd compilations.

Version 11.5 (8-August-2018)

New features:
- Option to eject disc after burn in Multiburn tool.
- Drag n drop support in Multiburn tool.

- Updated installer and translations.
- Resolved problem with "error 5" during installation.
- Fixed bug with fonts and dark Windows themes.
- Minor fix with update notifications.
- Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 11.4 (27-June-2018)

New features:
- Option to set disc's main color (click on disc icon).

- Updated installer and translations.
- Improvements to file processing.
- Compatibility improvements for latest Windows 10 updates.
- Fixed bug with processing folders with more than 100.000 files.

Version 11.3 (21-May-2018)

New features:
- Option to add or remove shell extensions (32 and 64 bits).
- New method for loading and processing language files.

- Updated help file, translations and shell extensions.
- Improved program's overall performance.
- Resolved problem with memory leaks in multilingual versions.
- Resolved problem with setting STPD on 64-bit systems.

Version 11.2 (10-April-2018)

New features:
- Option to load PLS playlist using command-line.

- Updated translations.
- Improved Hi-Res audio track conversion in Audio CD compilation.
- Improved 64-bit version of shell context menu.
- Improved disc copying tool (ISO/BIN verification and log).
- Resolved problem with incorrect encoding in translations.
- Fixed bug with converting audio tracks with 44.1 kHz and 24/32 bits.

Version 11.1 (20-March-2018)

New features:
- Shell context menu (32 and 64-bit).
- Option to save Audio CD playlist in PLS format.
- Saving log file (log.txt), if "-X" parameter was set in command-line.

- Updated translations and installer.
- Improved processing of M3U playlists in Audio CD compilation.
- Improvements to command-line processing (Data and ISO compilations).
- Fixed bug with incorrect drive selection when launched from command-line.
- Fixed minor bugs with untranslated user interface elements.

Version 11.0 (31-January-2018)

New features:
- New tool to extract files and folders from ISO images.
- Option to associate ISO files (.iso) with BurnAware.
- Support of HD audio tracks in Audio CD compilation.
- Option to use original disc name for new sessions (multisession disc).
- Hotkeys for Play and Stop buttons in Audio CD compilation.

- Updated translations, themes, help file and installer.
- Improvements to user interface.
- Improved program's overall performance and stability.
- Fixed bug with cancelling disc recording in multidisc compilation.
- Fixed bug with keeping value of "Number of copies" option.
- Fixed bug with displaying disc label in Data recovery tool.