What's New?

Version 9.0
Released 23-Mar-2016
Version history

New Features
• Full support of M-Disc format.
• Added Romanian translation.
• Command line option to load last session of multisession disc.
• An option to change disc file system at any moment (ISO, UDF, ISO+UDF).
• ISO/UDF settings were added to the Data Disc compilation.
• Auto-detection and selection of file system during session import.
• An option to import any session, if more than one session available on disc.
• DOS boot image (IMA) has been included in main package of the program.
• Span Disc tool now supports all file systems (ISO, UDF, ISO+UDF).
• If "Shutdown PC" option enabled, log file will be saved in program's directory.

• Improvements to session import process.
• Improved compatibility with DVD-Video and MP3 Discs.
• Minor user interface improvements.
• Help file has been updated.

Bug Fixes
• Problem with incompatible file system during session import.
• Bug with ISO Level 1 file names.
• Bug with long file names in MP3 Disc compilation.
• Minor bug fixes.