Error codes

2 A bad parameter in file path.

Appears if the full file path is longer than 260 characters.

8 Invalid source path.

Appears if the file cannot be found or accessed by the program.

15 The file has an invalid format.

Appears if the file was encoded with incorrect parameters or file is protected.

21 The disc is not writable.

Appears if the disc is finalized or the last session is damaged. Using blank or other multisession media may resolve this problem.

106 ASPI is busy.

Appears if the drive is locked by another program. Restarting Windows may resolve this problem.

123 Medium error.

Appears if the disc is corrupted or scratched. Using a different CD, DVD or BD may resolve this problem.

141 The device is busy.

Appears if the recorder is locked by another program. Restarting Windows may resolve this problem.

142 A write error occurred.

"Write error" is a general error description for the following sceneries:
1. In most cases it's a hardware problem - old firmware, poor quality media, or malfunctioned CD/DVD drive.
2. Software problem - security software (or third-party driver or Windows service) may interrupt DVD recording or block access to a file during process.

144 Error getting next writable address.

Appears if the disc is corrupted, scratched or not compatible with recorder. Using a different brand of disc may resolve this problem.

145 Too much data for this mode.

Appears if the disc is unable to store the current amount of files. Removing a few files from the compilation may resolve this problem.

172 File is too big.

Appears if a file is more than 2GB in size. Set ISO or ISO+UDF as file system and change ISO Level to 3 in Options->ISO->File name length.

452 Device is not accessible.

Appears if the program cannot access the device. It may be caused by corrupted Registry entries, virtual drives, incorrect drivers or security settings.
Make sure that device is connected, run program as administrator and try error 452 solution.