Online manual

Audio CD

An Audio CD is a CD that contains music files and can be played using all standard CD players. To compile an Audio CD, source files with different audio formats are automatically converted into Audio CD format before being burned.

To create an Audio CD, proceed as follows:
1. Click on the Audio CD icon in the Main Window. The project layout will be displayed in separate window.

2. Click on the Add Tracks button, to select audio files you want to burn on the disc, or simply drag tracks from Windows Explorer.
- Tracks can be in MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, M4A, AAC and FLAC audio formats.
- You can also choose an M3U playlist as a source.

3. Click on the Burn button, to start a recording process.
- Some CD players cannot play CD-RWs. Use CD-R discs to burn Audio CDs.


Write CD-Text writes an extra information to Audio CD which allows newer style CD players to display the CD title and the names of the tracks and artists. Your recorder must support this function and the CD must be burned in the "Disk-at-Once" mode.

Disc-at-once writes the whole medium is written in one go without deactivating the laser.

Track-at-once writes every track individually, which means that the laser is switched off after every track.

Pause sets pause between tracks in second. Use 0 to remove pause.