Online manual

Boot Disc

A Boot Disc is a CD or DVD with which the computer can be started without having to access the hard drive. For this reason a boot disc is often used as an "emergency disc" to start the computer if it is not possible to access the hard drive.

To create a boot disc, proceed as follows:
1. Click on the Boot Disc icon in the Main Window. The project layout will be displayed in separate window.

2. Click on the Add Files button, to select files and folders you want to burn on the disc, or simply drag files and folders from Windows Explorer.

3. Specify a boot image in the Options window.
- The boot image has *.ima or *.img extension and contains all files that are required to load the operating system and to start the computer. The boot image can be created with specialized tools like WinImage.

4. Click on the Burn button, to start a recording process.
- The disc will be written with ISO9660 file system.